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I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and businesswoman with a passion for life. I try to keep my priorities in life straight - Faith, Family, Friends. I love to try new and challenging things, spend time with friends and family, sew, embroider and laugh. I run a custom apparel decorating business from my home. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A first time for everything

After restringing Taylor yesterday, Rick and I loaded my guitar, amp and 25 pounds of music books into the back of the Yukon. The phone rang as we were heading out the door and it was Helen. She was wondering if we should cancel for today because of the impending blizzard. When we found out that one of our young singers chose singing instead of skiing, we decided to go for it. So Rick and I picked up Helen and off to church we went. Because our cantor was gone, I found myself cantoring yesterday in church. After practicing the song many times, I did it! I sang in front of a microphone leading the congregation! There's a first time for everything.

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