Sunday, February 17, 2008

I must have had a good teacher

The last 2 times I played Taylor in church, I had a embarrassing problem - both my "g" strings went flying. High "G" broke during one song, but because I always have on 2, I played on. Went I put my capo on, low "G" went boinggg. I then used the first instrument I was given, my voice, and so I just sang.
Just so you know - Taylor is my dream guitar. She has 12 strings. I purchased her with memorial money after my dad's death in his memory.

This morning I decided I would restring Taylor all by myself. It was either that or sing only this morning at 10:00 Mass. Sitting on the kitchen floor with crossed legs, I gingerly laid Taylor in my lap. Remember all my brother, Pete, taught me on last Thanksgiving, I began the process. I recalled his words and went step by step. Success! Taylor is restrung and I am ready to rock-n-roll with Helen and the kids. I must have had a great teacher!!! Thanks so much, Pete!

Now, I am heading to the kitchen for my favorite breakfast - oatmeal and coffee.

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