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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho - It's off to school they go...

Yesterday, August 20, was the end of an era for me. I'll no longer be top dog in Kile's world during the school week. He started all day Kindergarten. We did spend most of Tuesday afternoon playing on the computer, baking cookies, etc. I remember before I became "Grammie" I had stated on more than one occasion that I would NOT be the child care provider(babysitter) for my grandkids. I had already raised my 4 and wasn't interested in reliving that part of my life. But guess what? When Kile was born the thought of a total stranger caring for my 3 month old grandson was bothering me. So I suggested we give me watching him a whirl...
It has been a very good 5 years and he is ready to enter the next phase of his life. It was a good run while it lasted. :) You go, Kile! One day at at time, until you become the man I know you will be...

I still watch Cavanaugh who joins me daily. Yesterday she was upset for a while when she realized that she wasn't going to school with Kile. A few tears later, she accepted being with just me and pretty soon she was enjoying having the toys to herself. As you might guess, I have never regretted that decision 5 years ago. I feel I have such a great bond with them. My grandkids bring so much joy to my life. There is an Italian proverb that states: When a child is born, so is a Grandmother. I am a living example of the truth to that statement. From not being interested in being a babysitter to missing the grandkids over the weekend, the change came in me.
I only wish little Lauren was closer so I could have her daily as well.

Hi Ho Hi Ho - it's off to work I go.

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