Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life is a journey

Life...beginning to end. It is a journey with what can be a beautiful end as the goal. This past weekend has been a reality check on that. Last Friday was Lauren's 1st birthday and we celebrated on Sunday with a birthday party. Since we don't get to see her often because of the distance, we were really looking forward to it. Lauren was taking a nap when we arrived so I had to wait. When she awoke, she was tired and overwhelmed by the crowd that had gathered. I patiently waited until she held out her plump arms to me and enjoyed the remainder of the day. While others gathered in the garage to visit, I spent my afternoon playing on the floor with Lauren. By the end of the day I felt good about the bonding that went on between us. When it came time to head for home, I got a great big hug from her.
Lauren is a beautiful, curly, redhead toddler with a sweet smile. Her first birthday was especially heartwarming for me. I can't help but revisit the memories of her eldest brother, Garrett. He was born on April 26, 2006 and brought a lifetime of love with him to share in only few months. He graced us with his life for just under 6 months, going home to his creator on October 21, 2006. To be able to celebrate Lauren's life of one entire year was a blessing for me. She will get all the hugs and kisses I have stored up for two.
As we were celebrating Lauren's life, my brother, John and his wife, Sally were witnessing her mother, Bonnie struggle for hers. Bonnie went to meet her creator and savior on Sunday evening. Bonnie was a warm, loving, caring, faith filled woman. Heaven must be rejoicing as they welcome her, but her passing will leave a gaping hole in my brother's family. Our deepest sympathy to all of Sally's family.
Life is a journey back to our creator. Along the way we will encounter many blessings, challenges, graces, etc. Each experience will lead us closer or farther away from our Lord. I hope to use each situation in life to get closer and closer.

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