Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I've joined the craze or is it the next generation? I must thank my niece, Beth, or should I say blame her?

It all started when I went to Cedar Rapids to help my niece, Sarah (Beth's sister) with her house. Unfortunately, it was severely damaged by the flood 2008. A crew had assembled to help salvage what we could and purge the rest. A very sad day indeed. But many hands made the job less daunting, and soon we were back at my brother's home (Sarah & Beth's dad). Beth brought over her Wii gaming system and plugged it in. I watched my nieces and nephews bowl and they were having such a great time. Since I haven't been able to bowl for more years than I can count, I was itching to try. Being the generous young people they are, my darling nieces/nephews allowed me to join them. After setting me up in the game system, complete with my brown bob and glasses, I was ready to whip my numchuck and throw my bowling ball down the lane. Even though I came in last in our tournament, I still had lots of fun! And the best things was, my back didn't bother me at all. ;) I vowed I would soon be an owner of the Wii gaming system. For the first time in my life I wanted to own something like this. (This is where I blame Beth or should I say thank her for introducing the Wii into my mental stream of thoughts.) Our children tried desperately throughout their teen years to get me to buy them a Nintendo, to no avail. I could not see the point in sitting and exercising their thumbs. But this gaming system is different - it is interactive. Now the bug has bitten, but there is not a console to be found.

So the quest was on. Each time I entered a store I would head straight to the electronic games to inquire if they had any Wii in stock. Always, the disappointing, not today. So each Sunday morning in the Wii hours of the morning, I would read the store ads online to see if anyone advertised them. This past Sunday was 'pay dirt'. Walmart had them in their ad! So I took off for Walmart and came home feeling quite pleased and very young!

Now - to learn to hook it up, and play the silly thing. Next to conquer - purchasing Wii Fit and/or Wii Playground.

And no, I don't plan on growing up, after all I am only "40-13"



The Beginning Farmer's Wife said...

Do you Wii in public?

Mona said...

I have been known to 'wee' along an interstate. It was too funny,
we were with another couple. It was evening and it was dark as we drove to the Amana Colony. I kept saying I had to 'wee'! Rick said 'when she says she has to 'wee' she means it. you'd better stop right away.' So Tim, the driver, stops along the interstate. I then got out of the car, ran in front of the headlamps, jumped up and down and yelled 'wee!'

Elizabeth said...

Mona, I got a WiiFit! Haven't gotten a chance to use it yet (working on packing up the Condo). My friend Amber says it is great!