Monday, October 13, 2008

Who I s Doing these things?

Who has invaded my body?
Last month I found myself saying, I wish they had Christmas decorations out. And it was September 2! Now yesterday I spent the entire afternoon hanging Christmas lights outside. I repeat, Who has invaded my body? There is a stranger taking over the old Mona.
Let me explain...
We were invited to a wedding in early September. The wedding gift I normally give is an embroidered throw. I ran into a snag when the mother of the groom ordered one as a gift from her. Now what to do? Well, I went to my second line of defense... a personalized tree skirt and matching stockings. Well, being the busy gal that I am ( you know watching soaps and eating chocolates), I ran out of time to make them. So I wanted to purchase a set. Did anyone have them out yet? NO! And so I found myself saying, "I wish the Christmas decorations were out." And it was the beginning of September.
Then yesterday after church Rick and I went for a Menards fix. We hadn't been in quite a while and were having withdrawal. As we strolled and soothed our home improvement store deprived souls we saw Christmas lights. Knowing we are celebrating Christmas on November 15 with Mona's family (we want to have the party while Larry, Jane and kids are still in the states), we decided to buy them and hang them while the weather was 80 degrees. Also, Rick knew he would not have another day between now and then b/c of harvesting. We spent the day outside hanging lights around the entire house roof, cleaning up the yard and flower beds.
What a glorious day we spent together. Later we watched "The Astronaut Farmer". A relaxing movie and day.