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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Go LIght My World

One of my favorite songs is "Go Light My World" by Kathy Trocolli.  Her song encourages us to take the light of Christ into the world and share it.  I am taking an online writing course right now and one assignment last week was to light a candle and then describe it.  Here is my description:

                The snap of the square stick with a cap of tomato red sounded and the room was graced with a pungent smell of combustion.  The energy of the match kissed the end of the silent strand of twisted fibers.  Immediately the filaments sprang to life with radiance.  Light and warmth followed. The bleached threads were transformed to deep charcoal, with a hint of the former color accepting the quivering glow. The sky blue flame melded to orange, and turned to luminous yellow.  It retained brilliance, as it licked the subtle breezes of space that passed by.  Remnants of wax spilled from the crater of molten liquid, and decorated the ivory tower with pearly beaded hair.  The blackened wick stood tall, straight and proud until it was consumed.

     This morning during my devotion time I pondered on this image and how we are to act as candles. The snap is Jesus, lighting me.  I cannot produce this light myself.  It must come from a relationship with Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Once I have a relationship with Him,  He graces the places I enter with His presence IF allow Him to work through me.  I must put myself and my selfish desires aside and allow the Holy Spirit free reign.  He touches me lightly, much like a lighted match kisses the stands of fiber to light the candle.  I have to sit quietly and allow this to happen.  For me, this is my morning readings and meditation.  After I have my quiet time, I usually feel warm and ready to take on the day.  I feel illuminated with His love.  Once I have received His light, a transformation must take place.  The human soul, imperfect and darkened, becomes radiant, and I should go into this world.  I can change me to become the person who reflects the love of Christ to the world.  His love can pool in me like the molten wax in the crater of the candle until overflows.  My actions must allow the people around me to see Him in me, much as the spent wax flows down the sides of the candle.  I must continue to bring His light to all around me until I am spent and my earthly life is over.

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