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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Hulk

   Today's work was on dialog. Our assignment to explore the art of dialog by writing a short scene using up to 100 words. The following scenario was taken from writersdigest.com. It is a writing suggestion. I decided to use this as part of the assignment.

 There’s a knock on the door. It’s an IRS agent who has come to your house to audit your taxes. Knowing that you fudged a few numbers on your forms, you decide to attempt to bribe the agent. Much to your surprise, it’s working, but things take a peculiar turn when the agent makes an odd request. 

  My dialog:

 The hulk of a man sat at my office desk. His thick, black hair sprouted from every pore. He folded the bill I had slipped under his water glass.
 “Ms. Shaw, May I inspect your new spa room?”
 “Of, course.”
 As he surveyed the tub, and jars of bath salts, he winked. “I would sure enjoy a bubble bath with a pot of cappuccino on the side.”
 “I,uh,… sure?” I stammered.
 As I hurried to the kitchen to start the espresso machine I heard him call. “I’d take some lady finger cookies on the side, if you have them.”

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