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I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and businesswoman with a passion for life. I try to keep my priorities in life straight - Faith, Family, Friends. I love to try new and challenging things, spend time with friends and family, sew, embroider and laugh. I run a custom apparel decorating business from my home. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Scissors, Cookies, Quilts

I began a new online writing course this week.  I have decided to share my homework as I complete it.

Lesson One had me look at a special object in my life and write the memory it evoked.  So as not to tarnish the lesson, I asked Rick, my husband, to retrieve anything he chose from my display of treasured antique sewing items.  I call the display my tribute to my heritage.  It holds two wedding gowns crafted by my maternal grandmother, along with photos of the brides.  One is her own dress, 1914, the other is my great paternal aunt's wedding gown, 1915.  Other objects are scissors, the bonnet worn by my mother on her baptismal day, sewing notions, sewing basket, and a 1915 sewing magazine!  Rick chose an pair of my Great Aunt Mary's buttonhole scissors.  I was allowed up to 200 words to write my reflection.  I hope you enjoy it.

     My fingers caress the smooth metal of the antique sewing scissors and I am once again that little girl visiting my great aunt, Mary.  The uneven squares of concrete sidewalk greet me as I skip my way to the faded wooden steps leading into her home.  The slanted board floor of the porch peeks from beneath worn woolen carpet.  I open a heavy, chocolate oak door, pausing a moment to peer beyond the lace framing the glass.  Aunt Mary, in her floral house dress and contrasting apron, welcomes me with the offer of oatmeal walnut cookies and a glass of ice cold milk. 
     I glance around.  I see a bed covered by an heirloom quilt, the worn oak floor and scattered rag rugs.  Her treadle sewing machine sits amidst piles with scraps of color.  Her hours are spent creating quilts.  Each one is a gift, sewn by pumping the pedal. Kaleidoscope blocks create the finished top, quilted with warm flannel and tied with shimmery cotton yarn.  Each new child in her life is presented a quilt sewn with love.  Extras are donated to a local nursing home.  “For the old folks,” she quips, with eyes that are witness to eighty-five years.


Jan Davis Young said...

Mona, you are lucky to have your sewing treasures. And such wonderful memories brought out to share. Nice work!

Mona said...

thank you, Jan. I feel blessed to be the keeper of the treasures