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I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and businesswoman with a passion for life. I try to keep my priorities in life straight - Faith, Family, Friends. I love to try new and challenging things, spend time with friends and family, sew, embroider and laugh. I run a custom apparel decorating business from my home. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


S -Sewing - one thing I never tire of doing is creating things with my machinery.  Do a little bit each and every day, even if it is only for 10-20-30 minutes or so.  This is in addition to the items for customers.   First project - baby blanket for a new great nephew,born in May.  Next item will be finish the wedding gift for last month.  Watch for photos of completed items.

T- Technology -  I love to learn new things to do with technology.  I have several programs I wish to learn.  Spend an hour, two or three each week to until both are easy to operate.  First one to master is Home and Landscape.  (Maybe a remodeled kitchen is on my horizon)  Next will be a tablet for designing. Then find a new one to learn.  Continue to challenge my brain.

R- Research - I have a curious mind.  Spend a some time each day learning about a topic that interests me.  A half hour would be good.  First topic - wildflowers for Iowa and how to do manage.   I love the idea of small gardens at the end of each of our lanes to greet everyone who comes to our little piece of happiness.

U-  Understanding.  Never can have enough of that.  Spend time each morning reading my daily scriptures  and devotionals as I enjoy my morning brew. 

C-  Clean.  One of my downfalls.  I am not normally a neat and tidy person.  I have to work very hard at overcoming my 'Flat surface disease'.  Spend a few minutes each day cleaning up after myself.  First place to tackle - my sewing room.
T- Teaching.  I have learned lots of things as I journey through life.  Blog about them, work on your writing ideas.  As I put my fingers to the keys, I learn more about myself and my goals in this life.  Journal daily.  10 minutes at the end of my day.  Blog on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Monday- sewing project completed during the previous week or new technique learned.  Wednesday - Health related.  How am I doing with keeping the temple of my body?  Friday - Spiritual writing.
U-  Underwear, socks, towels, jeans, t-shirts and sometimes dress clothes.   Dirty laundry is part of life, part of running a household.  Wash, dry and Put Away the laundry once a week.  No more baskets in the front room.  Period.  Maybe I should check into a laundry closet for us...?
R-  Reading and/or relaxing.  If I wish to work on the craft of writing, I need to learn about the great ones before.  Spend time each day doing some of both.  My goal is to strive for 20-30 minutes before I retire for the night.  First book(s) Kristin Lavransdatter - the trilogy and then return them to their owner.  Next book:  Wedded to War.

E-  Exercise.  As middle age spread is catching me quickly and my lack of stamina has become painfully apparent, I need to find a routine I can adhere to, happily.  Goal - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - aerobic exercise of some kind.  I think I will try using my elliptical in the basement and watch Andy Griffith tv shows.  In between, walk, walk, walk.  Park my car as far away from the door when in a store parking lot, walk to the mailbox for mailing letters and getting mail, and last but not least, go to the farthest bathroom in the house when mother nature calls me.  And speaking of her, drink lots of water so she comes often.

There, now I have set up some extra STRUCTURE for my life.  Follow my blogs and see how I am doing as far as keeping my goals.  I figure, school has just begun in our area, so young people are getting structure back in their lives after  lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are over.  It's a great time for me to get some STRUCTURE  back in my life.

Wish me luck, no, wish me structure, stamina and determination to follow through.  Till next time.

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