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Monday, August 20, 2012

Waste not, want not.

I enjoy spending hours in my sewing room.   According to my husband, Rick, I cut fabric apart in little pieces and sew it back together.  And it brings me a great deal of satisfaction.
My roots are anything, but luxurious, so I have a tendency to save every scrap if the measurement is at least one inch by 4 inches.  That's enough to insert a splash of color on any given project.

To create a gift from leftovers, is relaxing, yet challenging.  This weekend was an opportunity for me to have a blast.  My granddaughter, Lauren, is celebrating her fifth birthday this week.  According to her mother, she needs nothing!  After a recent conversation with Lauren, the decision was made to give her a purse. 

Lauren's favorite color is purple, so I dug through my treasures.  I found the perfect pieces.  Remnants from my great niece's lavender and green quilt fit the bill.

 The largest piece was a great size for the exterior and and lining, all in one.

  Interior and exterior pockets were formed with coordinating scraps, along with the handles. 
Even the zipper came from the "perhaps you can find a use for this, Mona' box. 
 A three by three inch block became an "L" so all would know this was created just for Lauren.  

The hardest part was figuring out how to put the entire creation together.  Buying a pattern was not an option for me when I decided to create my 'silk purse out of a sow's ear'.  It was early Saturday morning and stores had not even considered opening up.

A wallet is an absolute necessity to a young woman with a purse.  It took less than an hour to stitch a trifold, with a spot for bills, coins and favorite photographs.

  A package from a set of pillow cases made the ultimate sacrifice as it was cut apart to form picture windows that fold out upon opening.

I finished the final hand stitches on Saturday evening around the campfire with relatives.  

I am excited to wrap her 'one of a gift' and watch her face as she unwraps a 'grammie gift of love.'

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