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Friday, April 5, 2013

Sharing Spaces

There was once a show called 'Trading Spaces.'  I caught a few episodes, but since we don't have cable, I wasn't a regular viewer.  I did, however, enjoy the decorating shows I watched.   We have been in the midst of our kitchen remodel for several weeks now.  Somehow, it seems to be a lot messier here than it did on the television set.   I am certain I don't have a clean room in the entire household.  Each room has become very good at  sharing spaces.  And me, I am surviving the assault to my not so neat housekeeping skills.  For those of you who visit me, you must be nodding your head in agreement.  For a outie with flat surface disease to comment about a disorganized and ridiculously messy space, it must be bad.

First I emptied the majority of my kitchen cupboards before phase one.  Our 'Fifties Diner' is filled almost to capacity with dishes, food staples, and miscellaneous items.  It doesn't help that Christmas decorations were NOT put away before this process began.  Add to the mix our daughter's items.  She moved home just in time to be a part of this wild ride.

As we made progress the piles in the other rooms just keeping getting higher and deeper.  At first we bumped the table into the front room so we had a place to sit for our meals and coffee breaks.  It didn't last long and the table went to reside in the garage and the chairs to the Safari bedroom.  (Yes, I name the rooms of my house, just like I name my equipment in my shop.  It's what I do, so snicker if you like.)  Every spare inch of space has turned into a 'for now' storage warehouse.  I have stacks of bamboo flooring in the bedroom, laundry room and Rick's office.  All the wall decorations are taking naps on various beds of the spare rooms.  My booths in the basement diner are filled to capacity with boxes, dishes and decorations. 

Cooking has become a game of hide and seek.  "I wonder what box I stashed the cayenne pepper?"   I thought I was being so clever as I packed away the kitchen.  I kept the most used spices and herbs in a  drawer beside the stove.  Tongs, spatulas and spoons found out they COULD get along with  jars of salt, pepper and oregano.  Slowly my stored jars are making the way to the kitchen once again.  One day it took me five minutes to locate the muffin pans.  By then I was out of the mood to bake.  I later found them and made muffins for Easter brunch.  Epic failure- the tins must have known and were hiding on purpose.

As I head into this weekend I realize my time with my old kitchen is coming to a close.  We left a skeleton of a working kitchen.  I have a sink, stove and two base cupboards.  Last Thurday we removed one base unit and moved it to Rick's office.  Our cobbled up printer stand from twenty years ago has been replaced.  I think we are going to like it.  Repurpose, reuse, and upcycle when possible.
The first thing on Monday, the remainder of the kitchen will be demolished.  The old vinyl floor will head to garbage heaven and the new floor will take up residence.  I expect to be without a kitchen for a few more weeks as the new cabinets, counters, etc are finished.  I guess the laundry room and diner will share a few more tasks.
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