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Thursday, August 29, 2013


So, this is for the curious...those who wish to know the story from years ago about "magic" that I posted to my facebook page yesterday.

As many of you know, I am the mother of four children:  three boys and one girl.  My boys all played basketball throughout Junior High and High School.  The header in my living room was permanently marked by smudges left by dirty hands.  It was  routine to jump and touch the wall above the walkway as they exited.  The slaps progressed to flat hands and on to ceiling jabs.  It didn't bother me, it was just part of raising boys.  The room was repainted years later after the growth spurts and basketball playing had ended.

Another key part of raising boys for me was trying to control outside influences the best I could.  My boys were raised during the 80's and 90's and at that time certain National Basketball Association players had begun to boast of their conquests of women as a result of their stardom.  One particular man came across as particularly offensive to me.

"Not one dime of my money will support him."  I set my foot down when asked to purchase a t-shirt with "magic.  "I don't agree with his lifestyle and I can choose to spend my money how I wish  So, NO, you can't have a magic shirt."  And the subject was closed as far as I was concerned.

"But, Mom, you don't understand," my young son countered.

"I don't care how good he is at basketball.  I refuse to give one penny to support his lifestyle,"  I stated.  "I work hard for my money and I will not give any to that name."

"Mom, will you listen to me,"  my son pleaded.  "This is Orlando Magic.  It's a new franchise in Orlando, a new basketball team, not the player,"  he almost laughed as my face reflected the sheepish feeling I got as I listened.

Point taken.  Lesson learned.

Oh, Momma, listen to the entire story before giving an answer...

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