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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The rest of the story...

     After last Sunday scripture readings at church, and the homily that followed, I felt the need to write a few things about the talk I gave, “Life is like a patchwork quilt.”
     When I accepted the invitation to speak to the group I didn't listen carefully.  Note to self: pay careful attention when requests are made.  Anyway, later I found out what I had gotten myself into – speaking at the annual banquet. People paid money to come!  It shook me to my core.  But I had already said yes, and I needed to move forward.  So I did the natural thing for me – I prayed.  I asked God to send me the thoughts he wanted me to think, the words he wanted me to speak and the courage to make it happen.
     As I worked in my shop during the weeks leading up to the date, I continued to talk to God.  As my hands were busy slipping hoops on my embroidery machines, folding embroidered garments and packing boxes, I kept the electronics off.  My mind and heart were left open and I prayed my way through each day.
     Ideas began to form on the lessons I have learned from life.  I sent out a message to the recipients of my quilt-making for the last twenty-five years and waited for their response.  Two days before the talk, I had my hands on some of the quilts, but I was gone the entire next day.  That left Monday morning to write the words I was going to say in eight hours.
     Soon baby quilts adorned every piece of furniture in my front room. Paper and pencil in hand, I repeated my prayers for thoughts, and words.  I turned slowly and studied each of them. The scraps of color, the pattern created and experiences of my life created cacophony of meditations.  My pencil scribbled to record the words pouring into my mind.  Five minutes later I took my notes, typed, edited and pondered, “Life is like a patchwork quilt.”  I finished it around 2:30, printed it out, cleaned the sweat off, dressed, and went to the hall to set up my talk.
     Even though I was so nervous I couldn't eat any of the delicious lasagna meal served that evening, I stood with confidence to talk about life lessons I had learned.  I felt assured; the talk was given to me as fast I as could write.  The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and soul that morning enlightening my thoughts.

    Thank you, Holy Spirit, for filling me with the words to deliver your message to the ladies gathered that evening.

After this original post, it came to me that I should have given a link for the readings that Sunday as well as the homily posted online.

Homily:  click on Homilies (middle column) and on the date May 25:


Roseanne Palin said...

It has been my experience that when you ASK the Holy Spirit to inspire our thoughts and enable our actions, and then LET Him do just that, the results are more than we could even imagine! You clearly know this, Mona, and let it be your Guiding Light! Well done, and thanks for sharing!

Mona said...

Thank you, Roseanne, you inspire me to continue to keep pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to the keyboard.