Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two word sentences

Each month I try to attend a writer group.  We catch up on news, have creative writing assignments and practice drills.  I look forward to it each month and am sad to miss it.  And yes, for those who know me well, I tend to talk lots.  After all, I am an EXTROVERT.
Anyway.  Today's warm up exercise was to write  using only two sentence words.  It was a fun and interesting challenge, one that made us use every word wisely. We had a few minutes.  I hope you can visualize what I am doing.

Fabric chosen.
Machine oiled.
Iron heated. 
Scissors sharpened. 
Strips Cut.  
Blocks sewn.  
Squares pressed.  
Rows assembled.  
Layers pinned.  
Needle threaded.  
Stitches secured.  
Bed covered.  
Joy shared.

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