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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weeds, Seeds, and Deeds

Yesterday we had a storm which dumped an inch of rain in fifteen minutes. Winds up to 60 miles per hour accompanied it. We lost a tree during the storm. But I learned I can drive in horrific weather and still make it home in one piece. Afterwards my hands shook for fifteen minutes until I felt calm again. The upside: my car got a natural power wash and my garden soil got an abundant drink.
Wet soil in my garden means weeds which yield to a quick yank. So this morning I headed to my back yard after breakfast. In a matter of an hour my raised garden beds reverted back to vegetables only. I did feel disappointed to see more weeds in one bed than carrots. As I pulled weeds I realize it’s time to toss away my story of my farmer husband’s attempted act of love.
Re-purposed totes
You see, in mid-May I planted my first crop of carrots. To my dismay they emerged from the ground very uneven. The bed held a smidgen of green here and there, but the lush row I had envisioned didn’t exist. A few weeks later my DH (Dear Hubby) and I spent time adding wood chips between my re-purposed farm 250 gallon plastic totes. Earlier this spring he had cut off the tops, filled them with dirt, and arranged the four-foot by three-foot by four-foot boxes in a grid for my “expanded acres.” They rested on pallets atop landscaping fabric. To prevent weeds we placed a thick layer of wood chips on the fabric.
As we worked I paused next to container of my first planting of onions and carrots. “I can’t figure out why these didn’t grow right. There is only a carrot here and there, instead of the ten rows I planted.”
 He stopped near the box, reached toward a green stem before he spoke. “There’s a broad-leaf.”
  “Don’t pull that carrot.”
“It’s a weed.”
“No, it’s not. Look at this carrot.” I pointed to a new seedling. “See how the first shoot resembles a weed but then it sprouts the lacy top.”
  “Uh – oh. I pulled a few weeds one day, or at least I thought they were weeds. Sorry.”
“I accept the effort in the spirit intended,” and burst in to laughter. “You’re a great farmer, but maybe you’d better leave the vegetable garden to me.”
Over the next few weeks I enjoyed sharing my “farmer story” with a few close friends.
Back to this morning – the soft ground is perfect for weeding. As I groomed my second carrot planting I realized it looks exactly the same as the first – spotty, at best. Instead of eating carrots I must eat my words. “My DH is not responsible for my poor carrot production.”
A bit later he stopped in the garden.
“I rescind my story of you weeding my carrots. My second planting is just as bad as the first. The seeds are bad,” I said.
 “Too late. The damage has been done. My psyche is already damaged,” followed by a grin.
 I continued to weed. I carefully sorted the weeds from the delicate carrot shoots. I pulled and reflected on the day I bought seeds this spring. They were much cheaper – a bargain, or so I thought. Now I see the folly of my “thrifty” attitude.
Gardening is usually a quiet time for me and my thoughts drift toward my faith. This morning was no different.
 Good seed is important, whether it is for vegetables or a faith life. In order to grow a plentiful harvest for the Lord I must plant only good seed. Inferior seed allows weeds to grow in place of a good crop. My responsibility is to nourish my thoughts, my soul and my heart with study. Only then can I spread seeds of faith. Weeds take over a garden just as sin takes over my life if I don't stay vigilant in my relationship with Jesus. Study and prayer help me learn about His ways. My actions, my words, my deeds must allow Jesus to shine. Anything less is a disservice to my relationship with Him.

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