Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas eve wish

December 24, 2008.
Kile, age 5 and Cavanaugh, age 2 dashed through the house, uninhibited as their excitement built to a frenzy. They squealed with delight as each family member arrived. The table had been transformed to a Christmas wonderland as it sparkled with Hansen heirloom dishes, crystal goblets, and golden cutlery. Oyster and sage colored linens adorned all surfaces while festive glass bulbs invited your eyes to feast on the sight. Kile and Cavanaugh's special place settings were appropriately adorned with snowmen and penquins.

Rick and I (Pappa and Grammie), Aunt Kathy and Uncle Adam joined Eric and Trela's family for a delicious meal of lasagna, bread, salad, wine and of course the Hansen family tradition of "crackers". As the bits and pieces of the new tradition were cleared away Kile bounced up to me.

"Grammie, I know what you are giving me for Christmas!"

" You do? What do you think I am giving you for Christmas?"

"You are giving me pajammies or something."

"Why do you think I am giving you jammies or something?"

"Because, you make things and you always give me something you make. (pregnant pause, followed by a wistful sigh) I wish you were a toymaker."