Saturday, July 16, 2011

April 26 - a day of memories

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A weekend of smiles and memories

by Mona Rottinghaus on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at 5:55am
Cavanaugh Anne
Garrett Gregory

3 years ago we were so happy when Cavanaugh Anne was born on April 25 to our son Eric and his wife Trela. Less than 24 hours later, we squealed with delight when Garret Gregory was born to our son Dean and his wife, Meg. 2 grandchildren in less than 24 hours. What a joy. Of course, I couldn't wait to rush to the hospitals to meet the newest members of our family. I was taking care of almost 3 year old, Kile, so off we went to meet his younger sister. How fun! But I had to wait a few days to meet Garrett in Des Moines until I no longer had Kile 24/7. My wheels couldn't get there fast enough.

3 Grands together for the 1st time
Cavanaugh, Grammie, Garrett 
Today my Garrett Garden is in bloom with daffodils in his memory and I smile. I remember him with so much love, my heart swells until I feel it is going to burst. This spring I will be helping Dean and Meg plant their own memorial "Garrett" garden. Each plant in our garden is chosen with care. Each plant's botanical name begins with a letter of Garrett's name. On this day, I have bittersweet thoughts. I miss him so, and am sad that I don't get to see him grow up. Yet, I relish the almost 6 months he graced our lives and praise God that we saw a glimpse of the love he has for us in Garrett.

I will celebrate Cavanaugh's 3rd birthday later today with princess gifts. I have made her a castle that fits a card table and will be decorating a castle cake when I finish my morning coffee and typing. I'll post photos later. Right now I have a couple of castle's calling my name.

Also this weekend is the birthday of our nephew, Ryan. He is also Rick's godson. Happy 16th Birthday, Ryan. Your Red Sox/ Bosco gift awaits you!

If I go back further in my memory, I remember this day as one of great joy for our friends Rick and Joan Kresser. We watched 34 years ago as they professed their love for one another at St Athanasius church in Jesup. Hats off to you on the committment you made 34 years ago! Happy Anniversary!

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