Sunday, February 16, 2014

Meeting Nancy

With Nancy Zieman of Sewing with Nancy
For more years than I actually know, I have followed the television show, Sewing with Nancy.  It is a "how-to" show on what else, but sewing.  To say I have learned a lot from this show would be a bit of an understatement.  I have a drawer filled with VHS of shows I taped in order to re-watch them when I forgot techniques she demonstrated.  With the wonder of Face Book, I was able to follow her without fear of getting the label, stalker.  So when she announced a book launch party on her page for her autobiography, Seams Unlikely, I lost no time in purchasing a ticket to attend this event.  It would take place at the set of the longest running sewing and quilting show on television at the Wisconsin Public Television station..  I marked my calender, but that was rather silly.  Of course, I wouldn't forget the date.

     Yesterday was the day.  I kept an eye on weather predictions all week.  Madison, Wisconsin, the location of the station, was a three hour trip from my home.  Of course, this winter being the winter it has been, the forecast was 80% chance of snow.  And this year that means, brace yourself for another snowstorm.  Rick, the man who agreed to put up with me through thick and thin, decided to come along and do the driving.
     "What are you going to do while I'm in the studio," I asked after his announcement that he would be joining me.
     "Probably wait with all the other husbands standing around."
     In the end, he decided to join me for the entire book launch and I was able to purchase him a ticket.
     On Friday morning we decided to leave a day ahead and book a room, rather a suite.  Because of my erratic sleeping schedule, having a separate area where I can bide my time at 2 a.m. without disturbing his sleep, is important to me.  I got a suite. Our Valentine's Day meal, rather our "on the road" meal, was a buffet at Pizza Hut.
     As we arrived and entered the building there was another husband directly behind us.
     "Well at least we know you won't be the only male in a crowd of 100 sewing frenzied women," I remarked as we found our spot.
     There were actually three husbands smiling beside their wives.  I did ask each one if they shared the same philosophy as Rick, you know, twenty minutes in a fabric store is equal to three hours of man time.  Both of them had a witty comeback.
    As we settled in we were treated to drinks and cookies.  It was pretty cool to sit and stare at the set I had felt like I was in for so many Saturday afternoons.  Nancy was introduced in a manner that embarrassed her, but she took it in stride as she had all the things in her life that brought her to where she is today.  For the next hour we all listened intently as she shared her life story in snippets.
   I always knew she was knowledgeable when it came to fabric, thread and all the wonderful things to do with them, but I didn't realize the sense of humor behind the woman.  Parts of her talk made me laugh out loud, parts of it made me choke up a bit, and parts inspired me.  What more could you ask of a speaker who has visited your home each week for over twenty years?  I loved the thought she shared, "I am a regular person like all of you.  I just have a very public job."  She came across as a very warm, humble, love and faith-filled woman who has overcome some adversities in her life.  She also shared the idea that everyone has struggles in life, but not to let it dictate who you are.
      After she spoke, each person was allowed to meet her, she signed our books and permitted photos with her.  It was a welcoming atmosphere, we were thanked numerous times for coming and treated to a wonderful luncheon to close the day.  Yup, it was a pretty incredible day and I shared it with my husband, Rick, who knows how to make a gal feel special by taking twenty-four hours to enjoy her passion with her.
    I can't wait to bury my nose in her book, Seams Unlikely.  And, oh yeah, I even won a door prize.  Sweet!