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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I promise to be true...

Bridesmaids and groomsmen were in their places after strolling down the church aisle. They waited patiently for the ceremony to begin. Each young woman wore a gingham dress they had sewn in a color to suit them, pink, yellow or lavender. Their escort wore a matching colored shirt crafted by me and a white tuxedo jacket and black trousers and bow tie. They were sharp! The church is full. Outside, the ground resembles dotted swiss with small snowdrifts here and there from the snowstorm earlier that week.

Bob Junker, in his brown plaid suit jacket, began singing "Sun Rise, Sun Set" at the front of the church as my brother Larry Kies accompanyed him on guitar. As he sang, "is this the little boy I carried", Rick walked in on the arms of his parents, Robert and Doris. Later during the stanza "Now is the little girl a bride?" I nervously entered the church aisle on the arms of Dad and Mom. I wore a white lace dress that I made myself for $12!with fabric I purchased from Woolworths dime store. Father Ralph Simington, the man who introduced us 2 + years earlier, presided at our wedding Mass and helped us administer the sacrament of Matrimony to each other. Many of our relatives and friends were there. Mary Dittmer was expecting her first child, Mike, and was smiling as she bumped into every one with her belly. (just kidding, Mary :) My brother, Pete, was busy snapping photos, along with Art Scigliano, Audry's father-in-law. I remember the church was full, the reception was fun, in spite of Rick's high school friends dipping into the liquor stash early, getting rather enebraeted before we arrived. The drinks they mixed were WAY TOO Strong! We had a great luncheon prepared by Ellen Kremer's sister and some of Mom's friends. Rick's brothers and brothers-in-law tried to 'steal' me from the party, but I resisted. All those years of wrestling with my brothers paid off and they put me down. When the reception was over, Rick and I and a few others crashed our parish dance in Waterloo and danced a few dances. That was fun, arriving in our wedding attire and stealing the spotlight for a few moments. Then on to Henry's Hamburgers for rootbeer and french fries for me. I hadn't eaten much that day. I guess I was nervous and it had finally caught up with me...

That was 34 years ago today. I'm still married to my best friend. We were babies by today's standards when we met at age 18 at a church function. 2 years later we married. I was 20, Rick turned 20 3 weeks after our wedding. Yes, he married an older (and wiser, I like to add) woman! ;) Our lives have been filled with many things since that day. I gave birth to 4 children: Eric, May 1976, Dean November 1978, Kathy July 1980, & Adam February 1982. Together we raised our family, believing God had brought us together for a reason. Our children have all grown up, moved away, moved home again, moved out again, etc. We enjoyed the time when all were under our roof, especially the years all were teenagers. Going to the activites they were involved in, listening to them talk, taking some fun trips and helping them grow to be the adults they are now WAS an enjoyable time for us. Yes, there were some shakey days when they didn't agree with our decisions and being the 'stupid, strict parent' wasn't very popular, but I like to focus on the good times we had. We had our stressful times as a family, but we pulled together - all for one and one for all. Some might say we grew up together, Rick, I and the kids. But those who know me know the real truth, the kids grew up, I didn't! :) Maybe some day... Now when they all are home together, along with our family's new additions: Trela, Meg, Kile, Cavanaugh and Lauren, it is a wonderful time. Each time they come it is like Christmas to Rick and I.

So today, on our 34th wedding anniversary, I say 'Thank you to God for bringing my life's partner into my life at such an early age. For giving us the grace to keep our focus on you, through the stages of life. Thank you to God for helping us to realize we are not alone, in good times or in bad and for blessing us with our family, friends and our life together.'

Today we will attend Mass at 10. I will have Taylor (my 12 string guitar) and will accompany the youth choir. We will probably go out to eat somewhere for our noon meal, relax this afternoon and finish up our day with a meeting at 5. I know it will be a happy day for me.

Love, Mona

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