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Saturday, April 4, 2009

My mother, my friend...

My mother, age 83, should be a poster child for Breast Cancer. She does a monthly exam and because of that found a lump in early February. Within days she was scheduled for a biopsy, subsequent surgery and consultations. After her lumpectomy healed she began radiation this week. 4 down, 26 to go. At this time Mom has opted not to go on the hormone therapy when radiation is completed.
Mom is an amazing woman. She takes whatever comes her way with faith, determination and grace.

I remember for many years as a young mother, mom and dad would call me on my birthday just to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. I cherish this memory. My dad went to his creator in October, 2002 so the phone duets have ceased. Now Mom and I chat several times a week on the phone about anything and everything. I try to make it in for coffee at least once a week, but I can't always get that to happen. She is understanding as always, "I know you are busy."
Now as Mom goes through her radiation therapy I will be her escort on Tuesday mornings. I look forward to the time spent with her. As she leans on my arm while we saunter into the clinic, I can't help but remember all the times I have leaned on her.
Mom delights in the grandchildren and great grandchildren that come to visit her. It doesn't matter if you live next door and stop each day or come once a year. Mom is excited to see you and makes you feel special. Baskets of toys and games from second hand sources are readily available to entertain all interests. If Mom has any favorites, I would hesitate to guess who i
t might be. Everyone is loved equally.
Mom's faith life is one to look up to. I can remember as a high school girl her early morning times with God. Many days I would arise to find her at the table, head bowed, Bible open and her eyes closed in prayer. Her days began with her creator and on Sunday mornings in church she sang the many hymns with gusto.
Mom's life has been one of challenges, triumphs, heartbreaks and joys. My favorite memory of my mother will always be her quick smile, hearty laugh and eyes of love. No one can leave her home after a visiting without a hug, kiss and an "I love you."
I heard once that as daughters age they become their mother. I only hope I can live up to my mother's example.
Thank you, Mom, for being the mother, friend and mentor to me that you have always been.

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Anonymous said...

Very touching memories. Reminds me of Tillie. The smile of unconditional love. Thank You. Jerry