Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

     Fat Tuesday.  It's the last day before Lent begins tomorrow, Ash Wednesday.

     As I child we were encouraged to give something up for Lent.  It was to be a time of self sacrifice.
Many things we did as a child are no longer appropriate as an adult.  Mini skirts might be adorable on trim, athletic teen age girls, but the thought of this grandmother donning one makes me gag! So the idea of giving up food seems just as silly to me.  My diet may be viewed as a sacrifice by some.  Things that I avoid on a daily basis:  chocolate, eggs, chicken, turkey and alcohol in any form.  This includes foods cooked in wine.  What happens you may be asking?  All trigger migraine headaches.  Figuring this out has been a process of over 20 years.  So I avoid them if at all humanly possible.  
And don't forget french fries!  The biggest reaction of all - they make my backside swell and I outgrow my blue jeans. :)
     Giving things up for lent isn't a  self improvement item for me.  I already try to do this each and every day.  Instead I prefer to tackle a change in me on a different level.  Our homily last week encouraged us to form a habit during this lenten season that we can keep for life.  Mine?  I actually have several items on my 'improve Mona' list.  If I acknowledge them in this public forum, I feel more accountable.
1.  Write on this blog each day.  It may be early morning, late afternoon or just before bedtime, but write each day.  Dwell on a Bible verse and apply it to my own life.
2.  Exercise each day.  Strive for 30 minutes of floor, strength training.  With Lucie unable to pull her weight yet, I can't do aerobic this spring.  No 5K training for this gal.
3.  One spot in my house will be re-organized each day.  Start a St. Vincent de Paul box, a Stuff, etc box and use them!  It can be a drawer, or one book shelf. 

And there my blogging friends are my plans for the next weeks.  I may fail some days, but I will pick myself each time and start again. 

til tomorrow...  I'm off to eat something.

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