Thursday, February 2, 2012

Four Weeks and counting

Four weeks ago today I began the journey, Bye, Bye Bunions.  The twenty-eight days flew by with amazing speed.  I kept myself busy by writing, deconstructing items for their pattern or notions, and I created a few new items.  Daytime television was tolerable when I kept the channel set to "Do It Yourself" programing .  I did some reading, but did not like I thought I would.  All in all, it was a good four weeks.

Yesterday was my four week check up.  I left the office with a smile.  10% sure sounded like a wonderful number.  The hours and hours I kept my foot elevated paid off.  I was given permission to step on Lucie with about ten percent of my weight.   Ten percent? - think of it as a light kiss, like a peck on the cheek, I was told.  In an effort to illustrate the idea my doctor asked me,  "Did you ever kiss your  grandmother passionately?"
"I don't kiss and tell." I quipped.
He rolled his eyes, "I don't want to know anymore!"
"If you had said my father-in-law, I would have known what you meant,"  I grinned.

I was given instructions - heel walking is okay, and the ball of my foot should kiss the floor briefly.  Step.  Kiss.  Step.  Kiss.  No, I'm not a newlywed out for a walk with her new spouse.  I'm just a gal on medical leave recovering from bunion surgery.

After the appointment Rick took me to Hobby Lobby.  I looked for hand made paper, but I didn't find what I wanted.  I purchased acid-free glue sticks.  Scrapbooks with photos of our trip to Zimbabwe are next on my 'while I sit here' agenda.  The albums Jane and I purchased in a shop in Harare, Zimbabwe will be really cool when filled with animals from a-z that we saw.  I have a brown acid-free marker to write messages to the three grandchildren.  My goal - Valentine's day gifts.

Goal number two:  independence behind the wheel.

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