Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bye, Bye Bunions Day 14

Day 14 following bunion and tailor bunion surgery.
I decided to reflect on if this was a good idea.

1.  Less pain in Lucie (left foot) since surgery than I faced daily in the months leading up to the big change.  The last few weeks my left foot was aching by noon.  I was happy to sit at my desk and attend to the never ending paperwork. My toes felt like they were in a vice grip.  My gray and hot pink tennis shoes, the only shoes I could wear all day without sharp pain in the ball of my foot, were tiresome, at best.

2.  I have received lots of great attention.  Phone calls, visits, cards,and meals delivered have been great diversions.  I received loving care from 8 and 5 year old grandchildren, and panini sandwich from Eric and Trela. The Best Nephew Ever award goes Jordan.  He stopped several times last with his Mom and came bearing gifts of roast beef, potatoes, vegetables and homemade dinner rolls from their family.  And I can't forget to mention fresh cookies. Monday afternoon he came again and made lemon baked tilapia, warming ham (from Marlene & Dennis) for Rick, and cleaned the kitchen before heading home to do it all again.  Last night four of my BFF slid into our yard toting chili, vegetable soup, fresh whole grain rolls, vegetables with dip and cheese cake bites.  The best gift of all was their friendship and conversation.  Yes, I have been spoiled.  Love IS a verb.

3.  Sleep derivation left my body.  The first week is a bit of a blur, due to the amount of sleep I had.  Didn't know I had it in me.  I watched television and movies through my eyelids.  The dark circles have not disappeared, maybe I should sleep more.

4.  Time to write this blog.  I have not had time to put my thoughts on paper, or in cyberspace for years.  To spend part of my day in thought has been a blessing.  I also put Christmas/New Year/Valentine's day photo and letter in the mail.  As a result, I am getting more phone calls.

5.  Rick had the opportunity to hone his domestic skills.  He discovered he COULD manage meals, stack the dishwasher, and even empty it.  Granted, my kitchen has been rearranged somewhat, but no complaints have escaped my lips.  I am grateful.

6.  My laptop computer became my constant companions.  New techniques, skills and ideas have been absorbed by watching tutorials that were always too low on the totem pole of priorities.

7.  Create TV garnered a new viewer.  I enjoyed watching DIY programing.  New ideas found their way to embed my computer.

1.  Pain.  See number #1 under Pros.
2.  Center of attention.  See Number #2 as above.
3.  Exhaustion the first few days after surgery.  See Number #3.
4.  I have spent the last 14 days parked on the couch.  As you might guess, refer to # 4,6 and 7 under pros.
5.  Unable to do much housework.  Duh!  that's NOT a con.  See #5.

In addition I have learned some new exercises.  This doesn't come under Pro or Con.  Just under Life's Necessary Things.

1.  One  routine is stair climbing - on your bottom.  Going down a flight is a piece of cake.  Left leg held high (good for upper leg muscles)  right leg was strengthened when used a segment of the tripod, arms second and third legs. Huh?  Returning to ground floor was a challenge.  Again the three worked together to simultaneously raise body one step at a time.  Lesson learned - three repeats - too much for the first day.

2.  Sit ups.  In the bathtub is a different venue, but still effective.  Highlight was getting a nice shampoo.

I visit the doctor this afternoon.  I hope to see the x-rays and compare the before and after.  Opinions on pros and cons may change later today.

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