Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bye, Bye Bunions Day 7

Seven days ago I was at the hospital preparing for bunion, and tailor bunion surgery.  The last week has been much easier than I anticipated.  Pain level - little to none, certainly nothing to write about.  Treatment from my husband, Rick - A+.  He has done things around the house that are out of his comfort zone and I am grateful.  Dishes washed, floors swept, food prepared and my needs attended.  What more could I ask of him?

Wednesday morning was a big outing for me.  I had an appointment with my podiatrist to check the progress.  I felt like a rich babe with a chauffeur as I sat in the back seat and Rick drove me around town.    Rick had packed TLC, so I wheeled myself into the building.  Once my name was called, off I zipped, only to be told to slow down. Oops, sorry nurse.

The big black boot came off, along with the dressings and for the first time I saw my foot.  It actually looked better than I envisioned.  Parts were bruised, I expected that, but swelling was less than I had imagined.  The coolest thing - my foot was straight. This was a new experience for me - to look down at a pretty foot.  It doesn't look like my left foot belongs to me.

Dr. Cervetti came in, said everything looked good.  My foot held no surprises for him.  He explained in easy terms what he did.  Basically, he cut bones on both sides of my foot, realigned the bones, and screwed the bones back together.  I would have expected more pain than I experienced.  I must have chosen the best podiatrist in our area to fix me up. :)

After we exchanged jokes, and I gave him the address for this blog, he and Rick got into a discussion about Rick's feet!  Rick may be next...

Generally, I followed instructions for recovery well. If grades were awarded, I received a B+, maybe an A-.  What did she do wrong you must be asking yourself. 

I stayed off my foot, no weight on it, didn't bump it, iced it several times a day, took medicine if needed, used crutches or TLC, BUT I didn't take the big black boot off at all.  I thought I was supposed to leave it on for protection, support, etc.  Wrong!  I should have removed it several times a day so it didn't sweat.  The boot was damp.  Gotcha, Doc! 

My next adventure was Walmart.  Rick needed some things at Farm and Fleet, so I convinced him to let me get a few craft supplies and groceries.  TLC was great.  I wheeled myself to the craft department, sauntered through groceries and was checking out when he called to say he was finished.  Along the way I visited with a kind gentleman who stopped to inquire about my 'ride'.  I able to carry all the purchases in the  bicycle basket attached to TLC.  It felt good to be on my own, if even for a few minutes.  But I must admit, I was exhausted when I parked myself in the back seat and was grateful for the chance to just be still.

The rest of the day was spent resting with my foot up, boot off.  I worked on Christmas cards, looked on my Nook to find the next book to read, and took a nap.  Rick picked up Cavanaugh and Kile, my normal Wednesday afternoon routine.  He had a meeting in the evening, so I was on my own for my evening meal.  I reheated a bowl of California Vegetable soup, spread a homemade roll, from Sally, with peanut butter, and managed to make it back to my perch on the couch. 

Sleepy time came early for me on Day Number 7.  It was a big day.


Shelly Beach said...

Hi, Mona. We are a family of ugly feet, and we love Dr. Cervetti. Nate got those ugly feet, too. Some of his friends call him "Toes." Say hi to Dr. Cervetti from my husband Dan. Glad to hear you're doing well. Hugs to you.

Ron said...

Hi Shelly and Dan......Ive never had a patient blog about their foot surgery before!!! (
This is super cool.....Thanks for the vote of confidence too!)