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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bye, Bye Bunions Day 5 & 6

The Good Fairy still exists!  She visited my home yesterday morning shortly before ten.  And she brought a gift!  It is a TLC, meaning Turning Leg Caddy, more commonly known as 'the leg scooter'.  Phyllis, you are a dear!  It is so generous of you to loan me the TLC.   It has made my life easier.  I  made Rick pretty nervous several times when I zipped around to get my coffee or use the necessary room.
"Be careful on that thing!"  he scolded, " you are going to run over your good foot."
"No problem," I retorted, "I'm having surgery later on that foot. Might as well get my money's worth."
In reality, I did run over my right toe a few times.  I have learned better control.  And crutches are no longer this gals best friend.  It is the TLC.
The pain level the last two days was quite bearable.  I had twinges every once in a while, but as long as my foot remains propped, it is far less pain than I experienced before surgery. I am not taking an pain medication today.
Why did I wait so long to have this done?
A.  I didn't have time before Christmas.
B.  I wanted to wait until the pain from my feet would be worse than the pain from my surgery.
C.  I wanted to wait until Rick was finished with fall field work so he could wait on me.
D.  All of the above.

If you picked letter 'D', you are correct.

I had a wonderful visit on Monday afternoon with my sister-in-law and nephew.  Before they left, supper was made and all Rick had to do was reheat.  We feasted on spaghetti, green beans and toasted garlic cheese bread.

Lest you think I am turning into a sloth I will share my goals for this recovery time.
1. write something every day.
2. mail my Christmas photo card and letter before January is over.
3.  Play around with my design software and learn more techniques.
4.  Scrapbook our trip to Zimbabwe.
5.  Read lots of books.
     Today I finished "Dare to Love Completely" by Janine Roberts.  It is a memoir of her journey to  Fairfield Childrens Home in Mutare, Zimbabwe.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and the seventy five plus orphaned children there.  You can read of her work at www.hopeofzim.blogspot.com

Today I also learned about the papa bear syndrome.  I was quite familiar with the mama bear syndrome and not to mess with baby bear.  But I didn't realize how the papa bear can rear up on his hind quarters and roar when he thinks mama bear has endangered herself.  Interpretation:  Don't sneak into the bathroom and think you can take a bath by yourself without his approval.  Boy!  Did I hear the riot act.  In reality, his love for me shone brightly.  He was concerned that I might slip as I entered or exited the tub with only one leg for support.  "Mary gets to take a bath by herself!" fell on deaf ears.  So when I was finished I waited patiently for him to return and was very grateful he was there to assist.  I knew I should have lost 20 pounds before I did this.  Too much weight to maneuver.  And to think I used to be a fairly decent athletic.  Those were the days...

Back to the Christmas cards...

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