Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bye, Bye, Bunions! day 2

It has been approximately thirty-six hours since I had the surgery to correct both the bunion and the tailor bunion on the outside of my foot.  One thing I forgot to mention in my first post - the doctor did not operate on the right foot!  I was so relieved when I woke up and discovered this.  He was, in fact, doing exactly what was ordered, operating on my left foot first.

The first day and a half went extremely well.  I have been a  permanent fixture on our living room couch with both sides of the recliners engaged.  I rotated from a sitting or prone positions, with my stack of pillows following my foot.  I was told to keep my foot elevated at all times, and I took the direction to heart.  Yesterday I found the pain level ranged from 1 to 3, so in an effort to keep ahead of it, I started with two extra strength acetaminophen tablets, followed by one half tablet of the prescribed pain relief medication.  Later I took the second half of the tablet, which controlled any discomfort I experienced.   I took a full dose of the prescribed pain med before bedtime and had a restful night.  No pain medication so far today.

Rick, in spite of feeling poorly, did a great job of waiting on me.  I always had water, and a snack near by, along with reading material, and the television remotes.  I got complete control of them.  If I had known I could control the remotes, I might have done this sooner!

Excursions from the couch included, bathroom visits and one trip to my shop.  I propped my foot on a chair while I worked at my desk for a few minutes.  Crutches, not diamonds, have been this gal's best friend as I maneuver around the house.  It has given me a third speed.  Normally I operated in two gears - wide open and stopped.  I have added, slow as molasses last January.  Of course, it can't be this year with the temperature in the fifties.

The smell of coffee has always triggered headaches for Rick.   In spite of this fact, he made me my morning cup of joy this morning.  He left a few minutes ago for our son's home to bring our five year old granddaughter to make my 'Grammie Special' breakfast.  He called her for instructions and she immediately said, "Do you want me to come out?"  He just made that little girls day!

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