Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just another day in paradise...

I'm taking a break today from talking about my bunions.  Not much new is happening with them.  For the next ten days the routine will remain the same.  Keep Lucie elevated 85% of the time.  Rick and I calculated 10 minutes per hour is the in allowed time to be an upright position.  But I took ten minutes each hour I am asleep and figured I had seventy or eighty minutes to be redistributed throughout the waking hours.  Bonus!

Yesterday was a busy afternoon.  I took the extra minutes per hour in the morning and fixed a pork roast with potatoes, carrots, and cabbage,  It felt so good to be cooking again.  Rick's brother and sister-in-law joined us for our noon meal.  I had just plopped on the couch with my feet up when the doorbell rang.  I felt like it took an hour to pry myself up, roll to the door and answer it.  It was my niece in the mood for a nice, long catchup session.  After several hours we both were spent and the door reopened.  In bounced Kile, age 8 and Cavanaugh, age 5.  Two weeks had passed since we were together and the hug meter was on empty for all of us.

Over the next several hours I was educated in the art of watching Phineas and Ferb.  I learned how to tell them apart, their pet's name, the good guys, and the evil ones. The more I learned the less educated I felt.

During the course of the afternoon, we also explored t-shirt ideas for both of them.  When I suggested Kile's next shirt must include a platypus he replied, "You sure know what I like." with a smile that engaged every part of his body.  Best Compliment Ever!

Rick and I finished off the day watching a romantic comedy, my favorite genre of flick to watch.
It was a great day, filled with people important to me.  More Saturdays like this - bring 'em on.

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