Friday, January 20, 2012

Week Two: Bye, Bye Bunions!

I am no longer a gremlin.
Dr. Cervetti informed me at my two week post op check up that Lucie can wet. Gone are the days of no eating after midnight or never, ever get it wet.

Back to life as normal. Well not quite yet.  Weight has been restricted for an additional two weeks.  That will be a total of four weeks without walking like the majority of people.  But seriously, it has not been a royal pain.  It only sounded bad going in.

Nellie, formerly known as TLC, made this pretty painless and knocked the crutches out of the number one position.  All the years of operating the tractor and grain cart paid off.  Turn in tight spaces. Check.  Back up to get a forgotten item.  Check.  Turn on a dime. Check.  Hand brakes - wonderful for stabilizing while I mounted the mighty steed.  Left knee in position, right leg swung over into position for motion. If only Nellie had stirrups. "Whoa, Nellie!" As in any new ride, I experienced a wit bit of saddle soreness.  Soon my knee built up the necessary callous.  I noticed a new strength that developed in my right leg.  The move from the floor to the couch, from the couch to Nellie, or Nellie to the bathtub became less of a struggle.  Woot!  Woot!

This website is not a game show, or reality TV program.  But  the time has come for Big Feet: Extreme Makeover reveal.  Your imagination is required.  I didn't take a before photo of the left foot, but the right foot looks pretty much the same, only mirrored. 


Two weeks after the big slice.   

Yes, it's is still swollen, bruised and the scars show, all expected.  Bumps on either side are relegated to "I remember when..."
Dr. Ron Cervetti explained the procedure used for Bye, Bye Bunions.  He was gracious as I clicked away with my camera.  Basically the bones were cut, realigned and screws (small white areas) were inserted to keep the bones stable while they heal.
He also gave me step by step instructions on the proper way to wrap it, again!  I guess the nurse who took off the one I had applied tattled on me.  Epic failure!

I graduated to Week Two Post Op Instructions:
1.  Keep foot clean, dry and dressing intact, but can get it wet for short bursts.
2. Non-weight bearing. Heal may be used for balance only.
3.  Elevate 85% of the time, approximately all but 10 minutes per hour.  The first week this was easy - I didn't feel like it.  The past few days I banked my night hours and used the time to cook, work at my desk for an hour or so at a time.
4.  Ice pack the foot for one minute on, the one minute off for ten minutes twice a day.  I massage and lotion it before icing.  I finish up by wrapping it again as detailed in my photos.
5. Gentle toe tapping, only touching the floor lightly.

The bunny ears behind my foot belong to Dr. Cervetti. He made our visit productive and fun.

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