Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guilty as charged

Wow!  Can't believe this blog has been silent since Sunday.  No excuses except for the fact that I discovered Pinterest on Monday!  Thanks to my darling DIL.

Monday was actually a very busy day.  We had a snowstorm that day, school was called off which meant only one thing - Grammie DAY for Kile, age 8 and Cavanaugh Anne, age 5.  Old age or maybe boredom invaded so I can't remember what we did.  I just know we were busy! 

Nook Book - got one, love it.  I downloaded "Heaven is for Real for Children" and we had an amazing discussion about heaven's possibilities.  My grandson blew me out of the water with his ideas.  Yes, Jesus loves the little children!  Their love is so pure.

I spent several days on the floor of my front room this week.  No, I didn't fall and not get up.  Instead I began hauling sewing items from my shop to a soft floor.  The list of things to complete has shortened a bit.  A crocheted family name doilie was blocked, mounted and framed.  Blue denim fabric was made ready for jeans with my old favorites used as the pattern.
I cut up a twin bedspread into pillow shams for our master bedroom.  Why?  I found two matching spreads on clearance, but no shams.  It is now re-purposed, and ready to sew.  Zebra print fleece pillows for the granddaughters now sport black blanket stitching.  The decoration also served as seams, and it kept my hands from becoming the devil's workshop.

 I continued to work on organizing photos for my website and decorations in the house.  I also enjoyed surfing for new ideas for infant and toddler clothing.  Pinterest saw me for too many hours. 
The foot continued to heal all week.  Lucie enjoy skinny dipping in the tub for the first time in three weeks.  Added to the daily routine is light foot tapping and the lotion massage.  I ran out of the wrap and Rick forgot to get it so I went to the web.  I found they make it in all sorts of fun colors.  Note to self - talk to Dr. C about this.  Beige is so boring!

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