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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend: Bye, Bye Bunions

Wow!  These last few days I experienced lots of new things.  I have kept busy with TLC, the house and on my couch.

Friday, the 13th is a superstitious day for some people.  I barely noticed, and that was because news commentators informed me.  It was  a day of new independence for me.  So I consider that lucky!  I was allowed to take a bath all by myself.  No spectators, no interference, just me and warm vanilla sugar.  (My favorite Bath and Body Works scent.)  My excellent behavior convinced Rick I would not do anything stupid and I could keep my balance.  Actually, I think he really knew this all along, but wanted to enjoy the sight.

As the bathroom door shut behind me and I indulged myself in the peacefulness of the occasion, I couldn't help but revisit a time long ago.  In my child rearing days the bathroom was the only place I could have any type of privacy.  I remember my shower as my favorite time of day.  I usually tried to sneak it in between early morning feeding of the current infant and the pitter patter of the current toddler's feet as they made a dash to the kitchen table for breakfast.  Many days those precious few minutes were the only silent prayer time I eked out of my marathon day.  I recall more than once getting spiritual direction as I prayed and washed simultaneously.  You might say "I was washed clean."

These past few months Rick has taken on additional responsiblilities with his parents, their health and business.  When those are added to hisonw business, community and family obligations, it makes him one busy man.  So I spent most of Friday just being on the couch with minimal help.  I nearly completed the Christmas card mailing that morning.  My life long friend since 8th grade came and spent the afternoon.  She came to work, but I much preferred her company.  So we mostly chatted the afternoon away.  We did accomplish making up the guest room beds with the clean bedding that had waited for two weeks.  TLC was an immense help as I wheeled myself from the head to the foot of the beds.  The rooms looked finished once again.  Thanks, Joan!

Extreme Makeover: Home Addition.  A program that I have watched on occasion, so it was no effort on my part to spend Friday evening with my foot in the air for their series finale.  Pretty incredible the impact they have made in lives over the years.  The houses they built in Joplin, MO appeared to be appropriate.  Some of them in the past seemed over the top.  Blah, blah...

Saturday morning was greeted with a cup of coffee and a friend at the door.  She had come to clean the house for me.  But I noticed her leg was bandaged and she explained she had surgery earlier in the week.  That was the end of floor duty for this week.  Instead we sat and exchanged ideas and had an awesome 'girl to girl' conversation.  Mindy helped me get our laundry started so I could wheel myself to the utility room as loads completed their weekly 'now wearable in public' cycles.

The conversation with a former TLC rider gave me the notion to try skills at bulldozing, rider style.  I soon figured out the most efficient method of moving laundry baskets from room to room.  All those years of tractor/grain cart operations came in handy.  I can add laundry service back to my list of things I can do for myself.   In the last 10 days, every day chores have gone from almost impossible to manageable, but slower.  I can live with that.

Rick and I attended Mass in the afternoon.  The weather was nice and I enjoyed the snowmobiles and the excited enthusiasts  I saw along the drive.  Rick packed the TLC and I was able to make my way to the pew unassisted.   Our parish priest raised his eyebrows a bit as I rolled myself down the center aisle after the majority of the congregations had exited the church.  Wish we had a church calender, I think I could have made one of the month's pin up parishioners. :)

NO, I did not watch Miss America.  But am glad Miss Wisconsin won.  Way to represent the Midwest.

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