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Friday, January 6, 2012

Bye, Bye, Bunions!

It's a family genetic trait - bunions.  My mother has them, her mother had them, and I 'have 'enjoyed' them for as long as I can remember.  Lest you think they came from ill fitting shoes, or wearing ridiculously high heels, I live in blue jeans, and  flat shoes. If the issue is forced, I will put on a dress with two inch clunky heals.  So it must be genetic.

The last few years my feet have been letting me that I have the family 'heirlooms'.  This fall I decided it's time to do something about the fact I can wear only one pair of sneakers without spasms invading my foundation.  I looked rather silly wearing gray and hot pink tackies with a beautiful black dress at the wedding I attended in October.  After visiting with what I hoped was the best podiatrist in the area, I scheduled the first of two surgeries for January 5, 2012.  This blog will track the progress I make as I journey through surgery and recovery.  Sitting with my foot up and no weight bearing will be a challenge.

Prelude:  Begin the daily foot scrub.   Now a days, we get to be a member of the surgical team by washing the soon to be sliced body part with bentandine scrub for three days leading up to the procedure.  Each morning I opened the scrub brush and nail cleaner and lathered up my foot and leg.  I felt like I was Hawkeye Pierce on M.A.S.H. as I worked away removing the grime.  The night before I took two Celebrex tablets with my meal and then refrained from eating after midnight.  What?  Am I a gremlin? At least I could drink clear liquids until eight a.m. on the morning of January 5, which I took full advantage. My last glass of water was at seven fifty-nine a.m.  aaahhh.

January 5, 2012  The big day:
Up early, which is nothing new for me.  Four a.m found me enjoying a can of sprite.  After working for an hour, I took a nap, arising at six a.m.  Of course, I had to finish my last minute order, so at nine forty-five a.m. I shut machines off, hit the shower and left for the hospital shortly after ten.  We were to be checked in at ten forty-five a.m. for twelve- fifteen surgery.  Things were ahead of schedule for my doc, so I left cheerfully for the operating room at eleven forty-five.  I felt surprisingly calm.
The surgical team resembled a colony of ants as they each scurried to do their assigned task.  It wasn't long before the happy medicine had me asleep while the group did what the insurance company and I paid them to do.  I awoke as they were finishing up and soon was on my way back to the room, to my  husband.  It took around two hours to fix my bunion and the tailor bunion as well.
The doctor came into for a post surgery visit and I let him have a few of my choice zingers, "The only thing domestic about my husband is he lives in a house.", along with other choice one liners.  He left with a smile, and a promise to see me in his office in a week.  After a short nap, yummy cinnamon bread with hot tea, I was soon ready to head to my home.  These drive through surgeries are not so bad.  I had met with physical therapy earlier that day to learn to use my crutches, a new experience for me.  Pain level on the way home - ZERO !

My loving husband propped me up on our couch/recliner- my new home for the next two weeks.  The numbing medication in my foot had subdued any pain for the evening.  I took two more Celebrex and settled in for the night.  So far, so good.  Pain level- still at zero.

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