Monday, January 9, 2012

Bye, Bye, Bunions! day 4

Sunday was an interesting day.  I awoke full of energy.  I imagine it was due to the great night's sleep.  I decided it was time to clean, my body, not my house.  Thursday until Sunday was too long to go without a bath or shower.  But I remembered the doctor's instruction on how to treat my foot - never, ever get it wet.  I guess I was still in the 'gremlin' instruction.  You know, no eating after midnight, no water.   So I postponed the ordeal until it was way past necessary. 
Of course, Rick volunteered for the job of helping.  When I mentioned that I could probably handle it myself, he seemed so disappointed, that I quickly changed my mind on my independence.
I hobbled into the bathroom while he ran water into the tub.  I found that laying with my leg dangling out of the tub, resting on the toilet, kept it away from the water.  I parked my head below the faucet so the incoming water acted as a miniature shower.  I washed and conditioned my hair in this manner, and the rest seemed like a piece of cake.  Soon I was ready to move to step two, finding clothes that fit over my boot.  In no time at all, I was ready to make the trek to Sunday Mass.  I wanted to arrive early, not to practice with the choir, but to be in the front pew before many people arrived.  Rick wheeled me up in the church's wheelchair and then returned it to the lobby in case anyone else needed it.
Attending Mass felt wonderful.  It is usually the highlight of my week, so I appreciated the chance to go.  However, about two thirds into the Mass, I began to loose steam.  Exhaustion set in and I was grateful for the wheelchair to get me back to our car.  The couch looked might good and I spent the afternoon sleeping. 
Pain medication was needed in the afternoon.  I guess I overdid taking a bath AND attending Mass in the same day.  (Sort of think I couldn't go to church unless I had done the bath thing first).  I took a pain medication two times yesterday, once in the afternoon, and a second tablet before bed.  I kept my foot elevated for the rest of the day, leaving my couch only to visit the necessary room.  At this time, my shop is NOT considered a necessary room.  That only leaves one other room.  You figure it out. 

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Kristi Paxton said...

Now I understand. To give you time to write in your blog, they have to take your feet away from you. You are always on the go, otherwise. This is great info for anyone wanting to have a bunion removed. It's not as easy as it looks. Keep writing!